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Have you ever felt completely lost?

Like maybe in the midst of wedding planning you found you have no idea which direction you want to go?

I have experienced the same thing, and it isn't a fun situation to be in!  I'm guessing there are more than a couple of you that are feeling this way now!  How many different photographers have you looked at?  How many options did each photographer have?  Were you more confused when you finished than when you started?    


I have a solution for that!

The reason I fell in love with wedding photography, the reason I still love it after all these years is the two of you and your story!

Capturing the love and emotion of you and your family on your wedding is my only goal!  It really is that simple!  If I accomplish that one goal, I am happy, you are overwhelmed with happiness, and everything else falls into place!


Capturing the story...

You may have noticed that I keep talking about the story?

Well I should be, because that is the entire basis, purpose, reason for existence for wedding photography.  There is no better way than to show you how I do that!  Below is a short carousel made up of shots from one wedding.  Josh and Sarah from start to finish shows you their wedding day in a complete understandable story!  So please check it out!  If you would like to learn more about me and the way I do things check out my about page below.

Joshua & Sarah's Wedding

Check out my about page to learn more about how I do things!

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