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My goal is to make you cry!

Just imagine you are sitting down with your own daughter twenty some years from now as she is planning her own wedding and you pull out the album, we created of your wedding day!  The thoughts and memories brought back to you as if they were yesterday bringing tears to your eyes!  That is the kind of response I strive for with every wedding I shoot!  

Find out what I can do for you!

Hiring a photographer for your wedding can be a scary thing!

So let me be your guide!  Even if you have no intention of hiring me, feel free to shoot me an email!  I deal with couples just like you every day, and not that long ago I was just like you trying to wade through the internet to find the right photographer for myself! So email me your questions, and I would be glad to help with any wedding related questions.

As a photgrapher

peyton wedding bride and groom dancing

I love getting the perfect shot as much as anyone!  But over the years, I realized those weren't the shots that my couples loved.  The shots of getting ready with mom, dad giving away his daughter.  The first time the groom sees his bride.  The shot of you giving grandma a hug!  Those are the shots that you will treasure for a lifetime!  Those are the shots that I have come to understand tell the best stories!  Those are the shots that looking back at my own wedding brings tears to my eyes! 

I don't do packages....

If you have ever talked to a photographer, wedding or otherwise you might have noticed a trend...  It seems every single photographer out there has their three or four packages.  They are the same ones that are out there talking about how they are so different, and the wedding is all about you!  Well I actually make it all about you.  I take the time to learn what is important to you, all the details of the wedding that we can figure out at this point, and then design options to fit you and your budget.  This way you get exactly what you are looking for!  If you want a $15k package or a $2K package I can make it happen.

My normal wedding day is 18 hours plus

I normally start my day with the bride at hair and makeup somewhere around seven am.  I shoot all of the getting ready shots, the first look, the formal shots, the ceremony, and the reception.  I don't leave until the party starts winding down.  From there I usually go home or back to the hotel and start downloading the days images getting them on an additional backup before calling it a night.  And honestly I wouldn't change a thing!  

After the wedding.....

You go do your honeymoon, or whatever it is your doing, come back and BOOM!  I'm already calling to set up a visit with you!  My typical turn around on editing and uploading is two weeks!  With finished products arriving about a week after you place any orders!  

I love printed products!

Yes i will try and sell you albums, prints, wall art.... but not for the reason you think!  I go into this more on the investment page, but I will leave you this one point.  You never need to backup a printed product!  Keep it dry and out of direct sunlight and it will last way longer than you do!


Want to have coffee sometime?

I'd love to talk about your wedding!

You pick a spot and I'll buy the first round!  I'm usually available during the week to meet with clients from all over MN, and It is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer!  So click the link below, and let's set something up!  Not in MN?  Give me a call!

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