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Why I Meet With My Clients

Come grab a coffee with me!

I do things a little differently!  And no I'm not just saying that, I actually mean it!

How many photographers have you checked out?  How many of them directed you right into their 3 packages?  How many of those packages were exactly what you were looking for? 

Want to know how many packages I have?  None!  

What works for one couple might not work for another.  So I take the time to learn about my couples wedding. Their needs, their wants, their wishlist.  I learn about the day, the venues, every detail I can! And the I take all of that information and build out options perfect to you and your  budget.  Why do I do things this way?  Because the day is all bout you!

So give me a call and let's talk about your wedding

As a photgrapher

farm bride

And more specifically a Wedding Photographer....

My main goal for the wedding is to preserve the memories, the emotions, and the images of the day!  That means first and foremost "getting the shot!".

Getting the first kiss, getting the first dance, getting dad crying , grandma grinning from ear to ear, and that one uncle doing whatever he does.  Without these shots you cannot tell the story! 

Too many photographers out there today tend to forget that part of the job.  They are focused on getting the artsy shot that will win them awards, and get them published!  Then once the wedding is over with, they will give you the files, try to sell you a couple prints, and vanish into the internet from which they came! (sorry, I hear about it daily)

On your wedding day

I try to capture everything in the time we have.  If I can, I love starting the day out with the bride.  The shots of you getting out of the car at the salon or venue before hair and makeup, and sometimes even coffee are some of my favorites!

Depending on what you're looking for, it can be myself, or my team that comes in and captures all the details that make your wedding yours!  From the dress and shoes, to the family and friends.  We preserve the memories that will undoubtedly fly by on your wedding day!

After the wedding.....

You go do your honeymoon, or whatever it is your doing, come back and BOOM!  I'm already calling to set up a visit with you!  My typical turn around on editing and uploading is two weeks!  

Then we can sit down and check out your wedding photos.  Now I know everyone has a budget, and some of them are very tight, but I really want to stress to you the importance of printed photos!  Whether it takes the form of wall art, albums, or traditional prints, you need to print! I am not telling you this as a photographer trying to sell you prints, I'm telling you this as someone who knows!  My own wedding... I haven't seen the photos in years!  The fact that I make my living as a wedding photographer is the only reason I know I still have them!  Printed photos have a place on your tables and walls.  Digitals.... well honestly there isn't a great home for them!

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