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About Me!

So imagine 3 year old me... 

It's 1982 and my parents had taken me to see Superman in the movie theater.  I loved it, it was the greatest thing ever!  So either my mom or grandma decides to make me a Superman cape.  It isn't red, actually if i remember correctly it was blue and resembled a dish towel.  I still loved it, and wore that thing everywhere.  I wore it out in public, at home, to bed.  It didn't matter where we were, I was going to wear it!  Superman never actually took his cape off!  Right up until I jumped through a plate glass window!  A lot of blood and a few stitches later I decided being Superman wasn't so cool!  So then came Batman....

It took me a few more years, and a few more stitches before I decided I didn't have super powers, but I was always the kid who had a little too much imagination for my teachers liking.

So fast forward 25 years, it's 2007 and I'm getting married.

It's late November, just a little snow on the ground, and it's only a few hours until I tie the knot!  Everything had been planned to perfection by my beautiful bride to be.  The ceremony was to be held at the stunning Como Conservatory in the sunken garden.  After the ceremony a short limo ride over to the Radisson for our reception for almost 300 guests and family members.  My jobs for the day were pretty straight forward.  Go pick up the tuxes, go check into the hotel, and meet everyone at the photo studio to get dressed for photos.  Easy enough right? Well as we are getting set up to do the formal family portraits I find out that not only is my tux jacket the wrong size,but I'm pretty sure it was a kids size.  I mean, I can't even get my arms into this thing.  And since everything was planned so perfectly, there was no time to drive across town to get another one. Everyone was panicked, nobody knew what to do.  Our photographer was the one who came up with the idea to steal my fathers suit jacket to use, telling us that in the photos nobody will be able to tell the difference!  Crisis averted! 

Me, my wife Amber, and our two kids

Mother nature had other plans!

During the ceremony it started snowing, and snowing, and snowing.  The TV weatherman who had assured us over and over that it would only be a light dusting started to described the incoming storm as snowmaggedon or some other corney name.  Out of our 350 guests for the reception about 225 of them disappeared before the dinner plates were cleared.  The remaining guests tried their hardest to make a dent in the open bar we provided.  There was dancing, drinking, a little arguing, one or two people stripping, and a dance off to be remembered through the ages!  Pro tip: never challenge a 16 year old gymnast to a dance off.  

And then it really got interesting!

By the time we did our gift opening and got on the road to our honeymoon in along the north shore, there was over a foot of snow on the ground and they had pulled all the snowplows. The trip that normally takes three hours took over six.  I was pushing snow with the front bumper of our Corolla the whole way.  And once we got to Two Harbors we had to bride a plow driver to clear us a path to the lodge!

Even though nothing seemed to go right

It was one of the most memorable and happy experiences in my life!  And we have photos of it all!  Those memories will live on forever!  I also started to realize my own super power...  I could handle high stress situations and keep others calm and on track.  I know it's not like I can fly, but hey it's something!  

It has been 12 years now that me and my wife have been together.  

We have been blessed with a daughter whom wants to know the why behind everything.  And a 4 year old son who enjoys running into things at full speed!  During the summer months when I'm not shooting weddings, we love spending time in Northern MN.  Either somewhere along the North Shore, or at my parents cabin by Bemidji.  

I myself enjoy just watching my children play, or as I like to call it, attempting to kill each other.  Reading just about anything written by Clive Cussler, Rick Riordan, and Janet Evanovich.  Or listening to photography podcasts.          

I have been in and around the photography community since the late 90's.  As much as I would love to say I jumped out of the womb with a 35mm camera in my hands.  It's been more of a on again off again love affair.  My first job in photography was actually in a photo lab.  Then (probably the worst job ever)managing a photo studio inside of Walmart.  I learned two very important lessons in my time there.  The first, that I absolutely hated working for a large corporation.  And second, that I probably didn't have the patience to be a children's photographer.  I have tried with my own children a few times, but i found out if I don't get the shot I want the first time, I'm not getting it.  

There was a plus side to that job though I learned how to pose, shoot, and work quickly and efficiently.  It's also where I perfected my super power.  During the holidays I was shooting, editing, and selling up to 20 sessions a day from single kids to large groups.  This has been priceless as a wedding photographer.  I'm able to keep the bridal party on schedule, and move quickly to capture the shots at the speed of life!.           

Want to know how I stand out?

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