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About Me!

So a little about me..... 

So let's start with the fact I am usually a pretty quiet person who can seem shy and introverted.  I'm not really any of those, but quite the opposite.  The reason I tend to keep quiet is that I am a little ADHD and have a tendency to say what i'm actually thinking.  This drives my wife crazy for some strange reason.  

Me and my wonderful wife Amber met while we were both attending Bemidji State University where I was going for photographic sciences.  When she graduated and decided to take a job in Annandale MN I decided to drop everything and come with when she offered.  In 2007 we decided to make it official after being together 7 years.  We were married in the Como Conservatory in November in the middle of a blizzard.  In 2010 we were blessed with the arrival of our daughter Emily, and in 2015 Everett joined the party!  

My Photography

I would love to say that I was born with a camera in my hand, and that I have been shooting since I learned to walk... well I wasn't!  I was closer to seven before I got my first camera.  I loved shooting photos of the people in my life, which is funny because now I can barely get my own kids to sit still for a portrait.  I started shooting on a 110 pocket camera that you had to buy the flash bulbs for.  I spent all of my allowance back then on film, flashes, and developing.  Over the years the cameras got better, I got better, and somewhere along the lines taught myself how to use a darkroom and develop my own black and white photos.  After high school and a very short stint in the navy I decided to go to school for photography while working at a photo lab.

Then everything changed.  Everything started to go digital.  My photography instructor retired because he didn't know anything about digital, and I was kind of stuck in the middle.  I decided to move with my girlfriend closer to the cities, and took a few jobs in landscaping and irrigation, and then took a job managing a retail type photo studio.  It was probably the worst job ever!  But I shot litterally 1000'sof portraits in my time there, learning how to pose subjects quickly and effortlessly.  A skill that most photographers struggle with most of their careers.  After two years the company I worked for closed their doors, and again I was forced to make a change.  So I decided it was time to start shooting for myself.  In 2010 shortly after the birth of my daughter I joined forces with my mother-in-law and we started Halfway Creek Photography.

In 2017 when my mother-in-law decided she really wanted to have her weekends back I had another one of those choices to make.  So I changed the name of the company, and have spent the last 2 years building a wedding photography experience that my couples love! 

I truly love being able to be a part your wedding day.  To be able to see your faces when I show you your images for the first time.  To know that I was a part of creating the memories that your children and grandchildren will be looking at and smiling for many many years to come.

My Process

So what makes me different from everyone of the hundreds of other photographers out there?  My experience!  There are very very few photographers out there that have been doing this as long as I have.  I have seen and shot in some of the most difficult scenarios that you could imagine.  And I have never failed to get my couples images that they love!  How is it that I am able to accomplish this?  I help my couples plan out their wedding photography from start to finish.

Your wedding day...

In the weeks and months leading up to your wedding I spend as much time learning about your wedding day, your friends and family,and your wedding party as I can.  I help you plan out the timing for group shots.  I help you plan locations for photos.  I help figure out how you want to do the first look.  I walk you through the entire process so that when your big day comes there are as few surprises as possible!  Your wedding will fly by at the speed of life, and there are no do overs!  So I do everything I can to make it easy and stress free.

If you haven't had a chance, check out my free guide to planning for your wedding photography.  Or if you would prefer the full printable PDF version just enter your name and email address.  It is completely free, and the email version also includes my wedding day shot list as well as a full sample schedule, and my planning worksheet.

I am not for everyone!

While I would be honored to be your wedding photographer, I can't shoot every wedding.  I get more inquiries in a month than I can shoot in a year.  So if I feel that I am not the best fit for you and your wedding,  I will not take your money!  It is more important to me that you have the best experience possible on your wedding day even if it means I suggest someone else.  I shoot right around 30 weddings a year and like to be able to have some sort of connection with the couples I work with.  I spend more time with you on your wedding day than your family does, so we might as well enjoy our time together.  

I try and meet with every couple, if not in person, then at least over the phone.  Wedding photography is a very big deal, and not something that should be done through email or text messages.  I take it very seriously, and if you really don't care one way or the other about your photos.... yup I'm not the one for you.  I will most likely drive you nuts pestering you for scheduling, shot lists, details of your wedding day.  

Emily and Everett

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