What is your brand?


Are you spending too much time creating images and content for your website, facebook, instagram, pinterest, google page, and whatever other social media your clients are using?

Are you overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything while making time to do the work your existing clients are paying you for?  I know exactly how that feels!  I have been there myself! So I sat down and started thinking of ways to deal with this problem.  What I came up with was a plan to be able to knock out all of my content for the next three months in a day.  I then realized that this would work for not only my branding, but other brands as well!

So what does this mean for you?

Well, when I figured out a plan for keeping on top of my content, I kind of had this "wow moment" where I realized I can not be the only one with this problem!  And as a photographer this is a problem that I am uniquely equipped to deal with.  My entire photography career has been built around creating unique images for clients!  So now I am going to put that expertise to use for you!

How does it work?

I start out by doing a free evaluation of the platforms that you are using.  Frequency of posts, the quality, and the interaction your posts are getting.  I then take a look at you products and services, and I create a breakdown of the kind of content I would shoot to showcase your brand.  Think of it as kind of a report card for your online presence.  Then if you like what you are seeing, we can sit down and figure out step by step which direction you want to go.  We can then plan out and shoot your content!  And it is your content!  Unlike most commercial photographers, I sign over full commercial usage to you.  No watermarks, no restrictions!  We build up your image library to the point where all you have to do in the future is click and post.  

Senior portrait/Modeling portfolio

Since I am just starting to branch out into brand photography, and I am still shooting weddings most weekends, I will only be taking on 8 brand photography clients per month. 

And that means if all 8 go for the yearly option that means I will not be taking any more on.  If you would like to get your free evaluation, and to learn more please click the button below and enter your name, business name, and email.  I will then send you out my evaluation questionnaire so I can get started.  

From product images, headshots, lifestyle type shoots, we can make sure that the images your posting are keeping your clients engaged instead of driving them away!

The consultation is free, so what do you have to lose?

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