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Why do I call this page the investment page?

Because wedding photography is truly an investment in your future! 

In 40 years, nobody is going to remember what you served for dinner on your wedding day.  They couldn't tell you who made your dress.  And very few will even remember where it was at!  But even people who were not at your wedding will remember the portrait of the two of you hanging on the living room wall, or the photo album that was always sitting on the end table and how those images made them feel.  They tell the story of one of the greatest days of your life!  They are meant to be shared and treasured for future generations.  I still remember the photo of my grandparents wedding in a little silver frame overlooking their dining room table!  That wedding took place almost 60 years ago, and I wasn't even around back then, but I am able to remember their wedding through that image!

Peyton wedding bride and groom

Your wedding is special!

Just about every single wedding photographer out there loves to go on and on about how special, unique, one of a kind your wedding is!  And then... here pick from options A, B, or C!

How exactly is that special or unique if that is what they are doing for absolutely everyone else?

What if you don't fit into one of their 3 categories?  Of course they will sell you one of them and then add on options to one you didn't really like anyway.  And if all 3 of them are way out of your budget.... well good luck to you.

That's where I stand out!

I build a set of customized options for every single client I sit down with.  We find out what is important to you about your wedding day and exactly what you are looking for in your wedding photography.  Need one photographer? Need 3 Photographers? Albums? Wall Art? Prints? Digital?  The choices are in your hands!  My only caveat is that when all is said and done you are truly happy with it!

If you are looking for someone who is willing to put as much thought into you wedding photography as you have look no further.  Let's grab a coffee and talk about weddings!

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