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Wedding photography designed around you!

Your wedding is special!

So why is it that every photographer out there is trying to sell you on one of the same 3 packages that they push on everyone else?

That's where I stand out!

I build a set of customized options for every single client I sit down with.  We find out what is important to you about your wedding day, and exactly what you are looking for in your wedding photography.  Need one photographer? Need 3 Photographers? Albums? Wall Art? Prints? Digital?  The choices are in your hands!  My only caveat is that when all is said and done you are truly happy with it!  If you are looking for someone who is willing to put as much thought into you wedding photography as you have look no further.  So let's talk about your wedding and show you what I can do for you!

Peyton wedding bride and groom

Because wedding photography is truly an investment in your future! 

One afternoon I was meeting with a potential client and her grandmother and we got around to the point in the discussion where we talk about the pricing.  This was back before I started doing custom pricing so she did have a little bit of sticker shock.  She was going back and forth with grandma when all of a sudden grandma stopped her and said "In 40 years nobody will remember if your food was any good, they won't remember what you wore, or even where your wedding was.  But you will still be looking at your wedding photos!  Pay the man so we can go to lunch!"  That grandma instantly became my favorite person, and I'm still using that quote almost 10 years later!

Yes if done correctly wedding photography is an investment!  But it by far is better than if done wrong...  If you have ever heard the phrase "you get what you pay for" wedding photography is included in that!  I had someone not to long ago call me and explain that they had a friend of the families shoot her daughters wedding, and that all of the images were blurry.  She wanted to know what could be done about them.  It really broke my heart to have to tell her that there wasn't much anyone could do besides re shooting a few shots and photoshop those into the originals which would cost way more than hiring the right person to begin with.  

I do things a little differently than most photographers out there.  Now I am not cheap by any means, I take the time to learn about you, your wedding, and what your vision of the day is.  I figure out what is actually important to you, and build you options to fit into what you are looking for.  This means you can get exactly what you are looking for without paying for the things you are not! 

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