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You shouldn't have to worry about being able to afford great wedding photography!

Your wedding photography is what you will be showing your children and grandchildren years down the road.  You want photos you can be proud of!  Yes, the old saying that "you get what you pay for" is for the most part is true for most wedding photographers.  If you've been checking around, you might have noticed that other photographers are trying to sell you packages with the albums and prints all up front before you have any clue what the photos will look like! 

That's why I like to keep things old school! 

Back in the days of film, photographers sold you coverage.  Then after the wedding you got to see the photos and pick out the options that best fit you.  This is how I do things.  I offer full and half day options to make sure you get photo coverage that you want!  After the wedding when you can actually see your photos and what they look like in albums and print we can go through and pick out the best options for you. 

Why is this a good thing?

Doing things this way allows me to keep the upfront prices low so that you can get the best possible coverage within your budget.  It also allows you to push some of the cost of wedding photography until after the wedding.  It also takes a lot of the guesswork out it.  As a photographer, I couldn't begin to tell you what products of mine will work the best for your home without seeing the images, so how are you supposed to pre-order packages?  If you want it done right you really can't!

Yes, I know that it is still expensive, but a good wedding photographer is worth it!

The moments you will cherish the most on your wedding day are the unscripted moments that pop up unexpectedly.  There is no time to prep, no time for adjustments, and no do-overs.  It takes skill and experience to be able to capture these shots consistently.  And you have probably heard horror stories of when it is done wrong!

How I do things....

To keep things simple and not scary, my normal procedure is as follows.  First, we discuss what you are looking for in terms of coverage(full or half day).  Then if you are looking for engagement photography.  I then charge a $500 deposit to book your wedding date.  The remaining balance for the coverage is then due 14 days before the wedding, and can be broken into payments if you would prefer.  After the wedding we sit down and go through all of your images, I can show you what your albums and any large prints will look like, and then we can pick out any packages or individual products you would like.  With any of my packages we can set up payment options to best suit you.  

Still with me? 

Good, click the button below to check if your wedding date is still available!  If you have any questions please ask away!

$500.00 down to book your wedding today!

Check one more thing off your checklist!

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