Photo Scanning and Archiving

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I have been a Professional Photographer for 10 years.  

I have worked in studios, printing labs, and even I am guilty of  it!

I misplace personal photos!  Yes even me!  And with everything going digital, instead of getting better it is actually getting worse!

I had boxes of old photos in my basement closet.  Photo albums under stacks of books in a corner somewhere (I still can't find my wedding album!).  And I had over 100,000 digital images on thumb drives, CD's, and hard drives spread all over the place.

I nearly lost them all one day during a storm!

My cute little harmless puppy locked herself in the bathroom during a thunderstorm and chewed the fill line off the toilet flooding my basement!.  

While cleaning things up I realized just how close we came to losing them all!  Another inch of water and my box full of old family photos would have been reduced to mush.  And my digital files were floating in a plastic tub!  

Now fast forward a few years, and I have back ups for backups, they are easy to find, and even if my house burns to the ground, I still have access to all of my images!

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I now offer the services developed over the years to you!

Ensuring your images will be safe and viewed for years to come!

Photo Scanning-

All photos are dusted and hand scanned.  Unlike most services where your images get sent to India, and are dropped into a machine to be sorted, cleaned, and scanned, I do it by hand.  Why?  It is the only way to ensure the safety and quality of the image scanned.  Once scanned all of the digital files are uploaded to your own personal gallery where they can be downloaded.

We also scan slides, film, and video!

Photo Archiving-

Our photo archiving involves boxing all of your images in acid free photo boxes and then packing them into watertight/airtight tubs.  This ensures your images are safe from dust, sunlight, moisture, and water damage.  

Digital Archiving-

Digital archiving can be done with both photographs, and digital images.  With your old photographs we can add any dates/ names/ notes from the backs of the photos to the scanned image files.  Once that is done, a digital library is created and all of your images are added to it.  With digital files the date, time, camera, camera settings all become searchable. The images are saved to our online gallery, and a SSD portable hard drive. 

Photo Album Printing-

Once everything is digitized we offer press printed albums.  This is a great way to show off all of those old images that haven't seen the light of day in years!  

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Free pickup and delivery within our service area!  

Yes you read that correctly!

I know your time is valuable, so we make it as simple as possible.  All you have to do is get them out of where ever you have them stored, and we will come and box them up for transport, scan them and return them when finished!  

Average turn around is two weeks!

Rush orders are available!

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