Seniors 2019 - Rob Smith Photography

Seniors 2019

Your Senior is truly unique!  Let us help bring it out!

Next to wedding photography Senior Portraits are my favorite!

Pretty much anyone can take a snapshot as instagram has shown us, but it takes a real photographer to be able to capture a someone's personality and individuality in a photo.  To truly be able to do this the subject must be a part of the creative process.  My test subject Kyren and I designed a shoot to fit her, and the results were astounding as you can see!  I took the time to ask what she likes in photos, what she does in real life, and built a session that I think showed that side of her.  

100% Totally Customizable Sessions

We do things a little differently!

From one hour to six hour sessions, we can shoot as much as you like!

For a one hour session we can do one location, and probably a couple of outfits. 

For the three and six hour sessions we can do as many outfits and locations as we can fit in!

Time is very extremely limited

So Book Now!


All times start from first location and run continuously.  All clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, no exceptions.  All locations must be within the state of MN unless agreed upon prior, and may be subject to additional fees.  For any questions email us at

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