About Me!

So a little about me..... 

I'm one of those people who if you ask me to photograph a wedding party with 30 people while keeping you on your schedule and dealing with your parents and in-laws... no problem!  Ask me to talk about myself... well that's something else entirely!  So lets start with my family, I am the proud father of two wonderful kids.  I met my wife Amber while attending Bemidji State and we have been together since 2000, and married since 2007.  After my wife finished school, we moved from Bemidji so she could take a job teaching in Annandale.  We bought a house in Maple Lake in 2009 and love the area!  In my spare time I love to read just about anything, and spend as much time as I can outdoors.  If asked, my idea of a perfect vacation would involve a remote campsite with no running water or electricity, and no cell service!  (Not my wife's favorite)

My Photography

What got me into photography wasn't actually the photography, but the photographs.  The actual printed photos!  Yes I'm that old!  Growing up I used to spend hours sitting with my parents or grandparents looking through the old photo albums (We didn't have cable).  I would ask who everyone was, how they were related, where they were.  I loved the feeling of the paper, the old smell of the albums.  It was like having a window into the past.  Someone though it was a good idea to give me a camera so i could add photos to the albums.  Being about 6-7 years old I don't think many of the photos actually turned out, but I kept taking snapshots of everything.  I would spend my allowance on film, and then spend more sending them out to be developed and printed.  I remember being super excited when the mail would come and I would have the envelope from the photo lab.  I would flip through all of the images I got pulling out the good ones, and showing them off to everyone.

As I got older I spent more and more time on the back end of the photography.  I learned how to develop my own film, and make prints.  I had stacks of black and white photos that I had created from start to finish.  After high school and a brief stint in the Navy I had to pick something to do with myself.  So what the heck, I enrolled in the photographic sciences program at BSU.  While going to school and learning more about the photography part of the equation, I got a job at a photo lab that did one hour and custom printing.  Then photography changed.....

So in my junior year of college is when the photography industry really started going away from film to digital.  My professor decided it was a great time to retire, and I was suddenly changed into a fine art major....   I being an intelligent person dropped out and followed my girlfriend across the state.  Okay, so maybe not the brightest move, but twenty years later we are still together.

After all of my years around the photography industry I am still all about the printed product!  Digital photography is changing every single week.  The methods of storing and safeguarding digital photographs is changing constantly.  Images that were taken 15-20 years ago and stored on the media of the day is almost impossible to transfer off now.  Printed photos are the only thing that I believe will actually outlast us.  

I firmly believe that being a wedding photographer means it is my job to help you ensure that your wedding day is preserved for your future children and grandchildren.  And I take my job seriously.  It also changes how I shoot things.  

My Process

Your wedding day...

In the weeks and months leading up to your wedding I spend as much time learning about your wedding day, your friends and family,and your wedding party as I can.  I help you plan out the timing for group shots.  I help you plan locations for photos.  I help figure out how you want to do the first look.  I walk you through the entire process so that when your big day comes there are as few surprises as possible!  Your wedding will fly by at the speed of life, and there are no do overs!  So I do everything I can to make it easy and stress free.

If you haven't had a chance, check out my free guide to planning for your wedding photography.  Or if you would prefer the full printable PDF version just enter your name and email address.  It is completely free, and the email version also includes my wedding day shot list as well as a full sample schedule, and my planning worksheet.

I am not for everyone!

While I would be honored to be your wedding photographer, I can't shoot every wedding.  I get more inquiries in a month than I can shoot in a year.  So if I feel that I am not the best fit for you and your wedding,  I will not take your money!  It is more important to me that you have the best experience possible on your wedding day even if it means I suggest someone else.  I shoot right around 30 weddings a year and like to be able to have some sort of connection with the couples I work with.  I spend more time with you on your wedding day than your family does, so we might as well enjoy our time together.  

I would love to meet in person with every couple, but I know that you are probably just as busy as I am.  So, I try and make things as easy as possible.  If you would like we can have online meetings, or communicate through text or email.   Whatever is the easiest for you.

Emily and Everett

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