Beer, Boots, and Brides

Having fun with your wedding photography!

A while back I was given the chance to photograph a wedding for a young couple from Long Prairie Minnesota.  Pretty much a normal Saturday.  Beautiful bride, cute little church.  After the wedding and the grand exit from the church the grooms grandfather showed up with the get away vehicle.  This perfect old dodge pick up.  I was thinking to myself this is great.  Love the color, I am going to get some great shots of the bride and groom.  The antique truck matched the brides dress style and makeup perfectly.  They had planned for a country theme, and pulled it off flawlessly.  After their get away they were heading to the reception hall about 30 miles away with one quick stop to drop the truck off at grandpas on the way.  Normally with our wedding coverage workflow Debi (the other photographer) follows the bride and groom, and I make a mad dash to the reception hall to photograph the details before the guests arrive.  Well Their pit stop just happened to be right on the way anyhow, so I decided to stop and check it out for a few minutes, and these were the results.

They parked it in the middle of the yard so that Grandpa could park it when he got back.  Made for an almost perfect set.  The sky was a little overcast, lighting was pretty even.  Couldn't have planned it better myself.

The beer comes out, the groomsman gathered around the truck to check it out.  Which led to the set up of this shot.

Of course the beautiful bride wasn't going to be left out.

This was probably my single favorite shot of the entire day!  It's her day she can do what she pleases!

Toss the entire party back together.  Its a wonderful thing when everyone is having fun while having pictures taken.

Couldn't deny the groom having a little fun as well.

All is well that ends well!

And we had to show off the boots! 

Written By:

Robert Smith

Halfway Creek Photography

Maple Lake MN 55358

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