As with most things in life, Photography can get interesting when the lights go out! 

I will confess, that I am no where near a master when it comes to nighttime photography.   Most of my shoots involve the use of 2-3 speed lights or studio lights, or a combination of the two.  I have not played with slow shutter speeds more than a few times in my life.  And those are almost always when I'm camping.  Its not hard to explain why this is the only time, with my wife, my four year old, and my dog all asleep on our queen size air mattress I find it hard to sleep, and spend half the night in front of the fire anyway.  The last time I did any long exposures was for the fireworks show I went to this past July in Maple Grove MN.  After getting to our spot on the hill to watch the fireworks I got my camera all set up, and started playing with my shutter speed.  I found I could capture the fireworks pretty easily with a fair fast shutter speed, but I found that as I turned my shutter speed down around the 30 second mark that they could fire off twice as many fireworks and it made the images a whole lot more interesting.  I also started this image zoomed in, and backed it out to a wide angle about 10 seconds into the shot.

Untitled photo

The shot below was taken on one of the camping trips to a little lake in Long Prairie MN  after sitting in front of the fire for hours I noticed how calm the lake was and had beautiful light coming from the town off in the distance.  I wanted to try and capture that moment as to show my family in the morning.  Being roughly 3 am  I snuck back into the tent and retrieved my tripod and my efforts resulted in this shot.  Needless to say I woke my wife up to show her.

Untitled photo

And finally, even doing something like sitting in front of a fire with a camera I found can have some interesting results. 

Untitled photo

Written By:

Robert Smith

Halfway Creek Photography

Maple Lake MN, 55358

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