Keeping your head, and keeping your schedule with your wedding photography!

Every bride wants her day to be a stress free, beautiful time that she can enjoy with her family and friends....  Truth be told most of the weddings I have seen more closely resemble a riot scene than a spa.

So I decided I would try to put into words a few of the things I have found that help to reduce the stress at least where it concerns the Photography. 

Communication would be number one.  You will have to be able to do this with your partner for years to come, so communicating with your photographer should be easy!  Meet with them a month or two before the big day, and make sure your all on the same page.  This also gives you a chance to get to know one another.  I'm not saying they need to be your best friend, but the more relaxed you are around your photographer, the more relaxed you will be while they are taking your wedding photos.  I love to use the engagement session for this very reason.  We get together and shoot for an hour. I prove to them by frequently showing them the images I am getting that I am not making them look goofy, but in fact making them look really good...  And when we are done we go over any ideas for the wedding that they or I may have.  I like to ask about any special places around where the service, or the reception are being held that they would like to shoot at before, after or during.  Normally they know the locations much better than I do. 

The second thing I recommend is picking someone to act as your "photography liaison".  This person should be someone who knows the people involved, but isn't in the wedding party.  I also don't recommend using the personal attendant for this unless you have more than one.  This person gets to wrangle the family and friends in front of the camera in order and keep everything running smoothly so you don't have to do it.  I have had someone do this job at every wedding for the last year, and it has had made a world of difference.

Third thing is make lists.  Make lists of the groupings you want photographed.  parents of bride, family of bride, grandparents of bride etc.. make lists of shots you have seen that you really like. make lists.  I tend to supple my couples with a couple generic lists that they can go off from.  You can find mine Here.  If nothing else it will give you something to go off from. 

My fourth and final tip.  Make a schedule, and give a copy to everyone involved.  It should cover where the bride will be, where the groom will be from hair and makeup through the ceremony.  You can add everything to one schedule,  give it to everyone, and then let them customize their own.  Just as long as everyone knows where the bride and groom are all morning.  I also found it very helpful to have the addresses of things like the hair salon, where the groom was staying and things like that.  There will be little things that if people can reach you can be easily fixed before they turn into something else.  I hoped this helped, and was half way readable...  this is my first attempt at anything resembling a blog.

Written By:

Robert Smith

Halfway Creek Photography

Maple Lake MN, 55358

please leave me a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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