Engagement Photography Long Prairie MN

So September is usually a pretty big month for me.  My kids and wife go back to school, Wedding season is in full swing,  and couples are getting ready for fall engagement sessions.  This fall, after taking most of the summer off I find myself with little to do, so I decided to make some changes to the way I do things.  I have been actually attempting to write more, which for me is pretty unheard of!  I have also been redesigning my website and implementing a new customer service software called sprout studio.   The hopes behind these changes is that I can spend less time in the office, and more time actually doing things related to photography.  So far the transition has been pretty smooth.  Although sprout loves kicking off random emails to clients if I click on the wrong thing.....  Still working on that one. 

I booked a couple at one of my "dream venues" for later this winter, and can't wait to shoot there although I will keep it a secret until I actually have their images done.  

And I changed the way I do pricing completely!  I did away with all of my packages to be able to better serve my clients.  It does make it a little more labor intensive, but so far the couples I have been talking to have liked it!

Other than that the leaves are starting to turn already, and in a couple more weeks they should be at their peaks, so if anyone is looking to have fall photos done now is the time to get them booked!  

Robert Smith

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