Should I have my wedding photographer at hair and makeup?

Stello wedding bride doing her hair in curls

This is one of those questions I get asked all the time.

Should my wedding photographer cover hair and makeup?

Absolutely!  Well ok, maybe it isn't exactly that simple.  But I do believe that the purpose behind having a wedding photographer for your big day is to capture the story!   Anyone with an iphone can capture decent images, but a photographer can weave a tale out of their images that will last for generations.  And what kind of story would it be if the beginning is missing?

Some of my favorite shots from the wedding are with the brides hair a mess, no makeup, just her as she is.

It also allows the (usually me) photographer time to get to know the ladies in your wedding party!  You wouldn't believe how much easier it is to get them to cooperate later in the day if they get a chance to see me in action before Im shoving a camera in their face!  

Besides making my life easier, it makes yours easier as well.  Most of the bridal party including the bride and the mothers don't want anyone taking photos of them, so they are much more hesitant to take out their own camera phones to take selfies and shots of everyone else.  That means, you can be missing some of the best shots!  Having someone whose job it is to just get those shots ensures that it is getting done.

In the end it is up to you, after all it is your big day!  But if time and budget allow I would try and fit it in.  

Wiskus wedding brides hair
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