April 3rd, 2018

Springtime Engagement Photography in Minnesota

Engagement Session in Duluth, MN

engagement in gazebo in Duluth

So this is my first attempt at writing a newsletter…

So, what better, than to start with something on my mind today! Springtime in Minnesota is, I think volatile would be the best way to describe it! After a long cold winter Minnesotans are done with the cold and the snow. Its all melted, the suns out and shining. And then the next day we wake up to 20-degree temps, and almost a foot of snow.

For this very reason, when I am looking at scheduling a spring session of any kind,

I try to schedule it for the middle to the end of May. This allows for the temps to stabilize a little bit, and with luck means we won’t be dealing with snow. This is also late enough that the grass has turned green, and the flowers are blooming. Technically if I remember correctly the first official day of spring was March 20th of this year. In Minneapolis we got 26” of snow in April. So if possible, I attempt to avoid March and April.

Another thing I try to plan for is rain...

I know everyone wants those perfect blue skies for their photos, but the reality is, that for portrait photography a little cloud cover both looks better, and makes for better lighting in photos. And Minnesota usually complies. I recommend to couples to not only plan for, but welcome rain on their shoot day. A couple under an umbrella, or sitting alone in a gazebo or other enclosure makes for a romantic photo.

You can plan your session for anytime you would like, but make sure to keep the weather in mind, especially in the spring.

What I bring to and engagement session.

For my couples I like to make things fun, flirty, and a little romantic.  After my session planning, I have an idea of what the couple enjoys, and does for fun.  I like to bring either a bottle of wine, or specialty beer for the couple to enjoy during the shoot.  This helps the couple not only enjoy their shoot more, but it helps them relax!.  Most couples are not used to being in front of the camera, and the more relaxed they are, the better images I get.  On a cold day, I bring something like hot chocolate spiced up with chocolate liqueur.

I also bring umbrellas, water, blankets, towels, and a portable speaker so we can play a little music to set the mood.

Being prepared for anything is probably a good idea, and choosing a location that not only means something to the couple, but gives us possibilities in case of bad weather.  For example,  Last spring I was doing two engagement shoots in Fargo ND.  Both couples wanted to start their sessions over by Concordia in Moorehead.  The morning of, we woke up to bitterly cold temperatures, and a horrible wind.  The first couple after about 10-15 minutes was turning red from the cold.  So with some quick thinking we jumped in the cars, and moved across the river into downtown Fargo.  There we were able to at least tuck them into an alley between shots, and keep their fingers and toes from falling off.

Having a back up in mind will save you a ton of panic the day of the shoot.  And just remember, if you don't like the weather in Minnesota, wait a couple hours, and it will do a 180.

Engagement Shoot in Northfield MN

in the alley engagement session

About Rob Smith Photography

Rob Smith Photography was started by myself (Robert Smith) After my business partner decided she wanted to step back from wedding photography and focus more on her family and children's portraits.  Together we ran Halfway Creek Photography, and shot weddings all over the state of Minnesota.  She still shoots the occasional wedding with me from time to time, but now it is mainly me and an occasional assistant.  If you would like to contact us our email is

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