Wedding Photography Schedule

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One of the key pieces to be able to make your wedding day run smoothly is the schedule.  When most people create the timeline for their wedding day they tend to forget about the wedding photography, so I decided to create a general schedule the way most of my weddings go. 

Now keep in mind that for the most part I tend to book fairly large weddings.  On average there are 12+ in the wedding party, and usually 40+  family members for family portraits when you combine both sides.  So if your groups are smaller you can adjust the times.  Mine also tend to be seperate locations for the ceremony and reception, and more than a few like to stop the limo or bus somewhere between for a drink somewhere.

8:00                    Hair & Makeup

9:00                    "                       "

10:00                  Bridal Prep

11:00                  "                 "

12:00                  First Look/Photos with Bride & Groom

1:00                    Wedding Party Photos

2:00                    Family Photos

2:30                    Break

3:00                    Ceremony


5:00                    Social Hour

6:00                    Dinner

7:00                    First Dance/Father Daughter/Mother Son

7:30                    Cake Cutting

8:00                    Dance Party




12:00                  End


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