Why print will never die!

Your wedding photography.... why did you, or are you going to, hire a wedding photographer?

Well that answer is pretty straight forward! To preserve the memories of your wedding!  So then what are you going to do with your photos?  This is a topic that is widely argued by clients, photographers, and grandparents everywhere.  A lot of photographers out there are taking all the perfect shots.  The first kiss, the first dance, the father walking the bride down the aisle.  Then they load them to the cloud, email a link, and forget everything about the wedding!  But where do you as the client stand?  I have never had a bride tell me that she is just looking for a couple shots for her instagram post!  And if I did I would probably be running the opposite direction.!  Somethings just are not worth it!

Zamora wedding siblings

If you are like most couples I work with, the only thing you know to ask is if you get the digital copies.  When the truth is, that the digital copies are almost worthless! If your asking yourself "did he really just say that?"  well, yes I did!  But why they are worth next to nothing is a much better question! 

Over the years I too was one of the photographers who thought digital photography was the greatest thing ever.  I thought this is going to make life fantastic.  At the time it really got started I was working in a portrait studio that sold prints for a few bucks a piece, but if you wanted the digital.... well then that's going to cost you an arm and a leg!  We were selling a few shots on a CD for right around $180 bucks.  The clients loved it because they had a copy they could print on their own that would last forever!  Does the new netbook you bought have a cd drive?  No?  Well what happens to those old photos I have of my daughter?  First it was CD's, then DVD's, then USB drives, now we are onto cloud based delivery.  The technology changes so quickly, that unless you are on top of it, your precious memories could be lost to time.  

I shot a bunch of weddings back then, that over the years I have had clients email or call me and tell me that they lost or destroyed all of their digital wedding photos.  Now what?  Those photos I took of my daughters first halloween that I stored on a CD somewhere... Well I cant tell you where the CD is, but I still have prints of the photos I had done. 

My own wedding I got the digital files only!  I figured I'm a photographer, I'll print an album when I have time!  Nope!  It took me almost 10 years to get around to making my own wedding album!  Now as a photographer, I still have the digitals, but I am crazy paranoid about backing them up, and changing the media often so If everything goes wrong I still have copies.  But for most of my clients, they get downloaded to a computer that will crash at one point, or to their phone where they will slowly be deleted to make more room as time goes by.  

Jakson wedding flower girls

So how do we preserve those memories?  Through print!  If taken care of, print can last long after we have left this earth!  Our grandchildren's grandchildren can sit down and look at our wedding albums.  They can hold the prints of out wedding day in their hands as their parents and grandparents recall the stories.  

I started out my photography career in photo labs developing and printing from 35mm film.  This was 20 years ago, and some of the prints I took still look like brand new!  The professional labs that your photographer has access to has even better quality and longevity!  Now I am not telling everyone to get rid of digital, but to better preserve, and get more enjoyment out of your photos you should be printing.  For my wedding clients I always recommend an album!  With a photo album you have it sitting on the end table next to the couch.  Your friends and family will want to look at it, you will see it!  Your kids will love it!  And through the generations!

One of the things that got me into photography was a small 3x5 black and white photo in a silver frame of my grandparents wedding that sat in the cabinet next to their dining room table.  I can still remember their clothing, and the church behind them.  They were married over 60 years ago.  The church has been gone for almost 20 years, and grandma passed away almost 9 years ago, but the memories are still there because of that one tiny photograph.

So think about prints.  It doesn't even need to be something big like a canvass, or wall art, or even an album.  It can be something simple like 4x6 prints.  Having something real that you can hold is a great thing!

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