Riess wedding party from above

Two easy and convenient ways to book


We know a lot of you are busy with wedding plans, life, and family.  So to make our booking process as easy as possible we offer online booking.  Just click the button below, and fill out the short form.  We will get back to you with our availability and our booking proposal with your wedding date.  The booking proposal incudes our full pricelist, and a copy of our wedding contract for you to view.  To book, simply click on the wedding package you want, and sign the contract.  You will receive an email with the invoice for your wedding package, and are able to pay the deposit directly from the invoice.  Your booked! Its that easy!  You will then receive emails occasionally to help us plan for your wedding photography!

Free Consultaion

We can, and do still book weddings the old fashioned way!  Face to face, in person!  We can pick a coffee house, and sit and go through your wedding options, the contract, the pricing.  I also like to show off the types of paper and products that you can get with your wedding packages.  To schedule a free consultation just click the link below, and fill out the short form.

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