My style as a wedding photographer

This is probably the question i get asked the most.  "What is your style?"  When as a wedding photographer try very hard not to get stuck in one particular style.  Wedding photography has a lot of different styles.  Honestly too many to try and list for you.  I stick to three separate styles of wedding photography to give my clients what they are looking for.  And I am including their mothers and grandmothers in this!

So below I have listed all three of my styles, examples, and a brief description of them.


cowboy and his bride with bouquet

Artistic is the stylize posed, prepped shots that the brides and photographers love.  These shots take time to set up and get right.  Composition and color are big parts of these shots for me.  These shots are usually planned before the wedding date, and can include just the bride, the bride and groom, or the entire wedding party.  

angry bride, groom with bridesmaids


Risa wedding full wedding party

Traditional are just that! These are the photos most people including most of the photographers hate doing.  I think they are a lot of fun!  These are the traditional posed wedding party and family photos.  The ones that your mother and grandmother are demanding!  With a good photographer you can actually make these go fairly quickly.  I think i have been averaging about 30 minutes for about eight to ten groupings of families. 

Loehrs Wedding party


Zamora wedding siblings

This is just capturing the moments as they happen throughout the day!  I believe that our main job as wedding photographers is to capture these moments!  These are not the shots your sharing to instagram or facebook.  They are not going to win me any awards.  But they are the images that will bring tears to your eyes 10-15-20 years from now.  These are the images that make your wedding album!  

Loftus wedding before the ceremony

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