So why is wedding photography so expensive?  "It's just pushing a button right?"  Well if that is what your thinking I probably won't be able to change your mind!  You will have your buddy with the decent camera take you wedding photos, and 6-12 months after the wedding when you get your photos back, I will get a phone call asking if there is any saving them.... 

Wedding photography is expensive for one simple reason... time!  Yes, you only see us the day of the wedding, but that is only a small fraction of the time we are spending on your wedding.  There is all of the prep work to be done.  Scouting locations, talking to your other vendors, prepping all of our equipment.  The day of the wedding we have 1-3 people shooting all day long.  After the wedding there is at least a week's worth of work editing and posting.  Then comes the printing, wall art, album design.  We put hundreds of hours into each wedding we do.  And the final result?  Priceless one of a kind works of art to showcase your wedding day for generations to come.  So in the scheme of things it really isn't that expensive!  You can hire a less expensive photographer, usually with less experience.  Or have that family friend do them.  Or your iphone takes really great photos....  What you are paying for is time and experience, and the knowledge that when you get your photos back you are going to love them! 

At a client meeting with a bride and her grandmother once I was going through the package she wanted and the pricing.  The bride was doing the, hmmm but its so expensive thing!  Grandma looked her in the eye and told her "when your my age you won't remember if the food was any good or not, or if the band was horrible, but you will still be looking at these wedding photos!  Just pay the man!"  I bought grandma a drink for that one!  

Wedding photography is worth exactly what you think it is worth.  Meaning if you don't care about it, it isn't worth anything to you.  But if you do care, well then it's priceless!

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